Meet FLX Apps

Hi. My name is Felix.

I create Android Apps and have major skills in Web Development.

Having started as a school student, I now have over nine years experience in developing and publishing my own Android apps. My most popular app had over two million downloads before it had to be discontinued. AlcoTrack, the project I am currently working on the most, has a growing international userbase and been translated by the community into 12 languages. I love coffee, books and cinema.

Feel free to contact me for business inquiries or any further questions.

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AlcoTrack is an easy to use yet feature-rich bac calculator on Google Play Store including charts, detailed stats, presets. It uses the scientifically established Watson formular taking many individual factors like age, gender, height and weight into account.

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DetoxDroid is an open-source non-profit project in the spirit of Humane Technology. In times where every app on our phone competes for our attention (with even games reminding us to play if we did not open them for a time), DetoxDroid assists the user in getting rid of attention-grabbing and manipulative features. The mission: Use your phone rather than letting your phone use you.

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CheatDroid is a developer's tool and only for rooted phones. It supports you in modifying the files other apps store inside your phone. There are many application scenarios for using CheatDroid: data privacy, debugging, "hacking" or simply technical interest. So if you feel adressed by one of these keywords - feel free to have a look on it!

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